No one has the right to test Turkey, Davutoğlu says in reply to Kerry

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu

No one can have the gall to “test” Turkey, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said in reply to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry after the latter said the “proof would be in the pudding” regarding Ankara’s willingness to join the fight against jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

“No one can give a test to Turkey, as if it was not doing what is necessary. We take our own decisions and will do what is necessary if this decision is a must to protect our national interests,” Davutoğlu said in an interview late Sept. 22.

Kerry had stated that the United States was expecting Turkey to step up in the fight against ISIL now that the country had secured the release of 49 hostages that were held by the militants. Davutoğlu said the issue was discussed with U.S. Secretary of State and Defense Minister Chuck Hagel during a recent visit to Ankara.

The prime minister cited some foreign media reports and said they were giving the impression that Turkey was “being tested and had to prove itself.”

“Everybody should know – something that I also told Mr. Kerry when I was the foreign minister – that Turkey does not have to prove anything. Turkey has always displayed that it can take a decisive attitude in line with facts that it believes in. They witnessed how Turkey was attentive even at times when [our] allies did not take enough care for some of our sensitivities,” Davutoğlu said...

* * *
Kick them of NATO.  The EU would very ill-advised to consider these Islamists as suitable for candidates in the EU.


McGill: Flush transphobia down the toilet

The actual illustration they chose for their story

Since 2007, McGill has committed itself to creating a more inclusive campus by building gender-neutral washrooms. As part of this initiative, the current Redpath Library renovations will include the creation of a gender-neutral washroom. Although this is an important step forward, McGill is still far from establishing a gender-inclusive campus.

Gender-neutral washrooms are not explicitly labelled male or female, and therefore do not exclude trans people and those whose gender presentation does not align with the gender binary. In May 2007, the Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity recommended that every newly constructed building on campus include a gender-neutral washroom. The Committee also recommended modifying single-stall washrooms into gender-neutral ones by changing signs and locks. Yet, many major buildings at McGill including Stewart Biology, James Administration, and the Law Library still don’t have gender-neutral washrooms.

The ability to use the washroom without a second thought, and without fear, discomfort, or the threat of violence, is taken for granted by many people. However, going to the washroom can be a daily struggle for those who are not cisgender or for those whose gender presentation does not conform to the gender binary...

* * *
“Gender binary.”  That’s a new one for me.


Justin "Son Of Slut" Trudeau vows to boycott Sun News over Ezra Levant ‘slut’ comments

Upset at editorialist, Justin Trudeau snubs entire news organization

Glenn Garnett, Sun Media's editorial vice-president, says his organization is just the latest to be shut out by politicians who don't like the line of questioning from their reporters or the positions taken by their commentators.

Levant is not a reporter but writes an opinion column for the newspaper chain in addition to hosting a one-hour television show Monday-to-Friday.

"Ours is a large national organization reaching millions of Canadians through web, print and broadcast, so I think trying to punish us with silence may not be the best strategy. We'll go on doing our jobs," Garnett said.

Justin Trudeau vows to boycott Sun News over Ezra Levant ‘slut’ comments

The spat between Justin Trudeau and Sun News Network escalated Tuesday as the Liberal leader announced he would boycott the cable channel over comments made by Ezra Levant earlier this month.

“The idea of the nobleman of the estate, riding through like in medieval times to deflower whatever maidens he wanted, that’s still there in Trudeau,” Levant said, suggesting he ruined the couple’s wedding by inserting himself into their photos.

He also referred to Trudeau’s father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, as a “slut” who “banged anyone,” while the Liberal leader’s mother Margaret “didn’t like to wear panties back then.”


German police raid flats, mosque over suspected ISIS ties

A mosque in Germany.

German authorities raided a mosque, an Islamic community center and radical Islamists’ flats in cities across Germany on Tuesday on suspicion of having connections to militants in Syria.

The suspects, belonging to the ultra-conservative Salafist movement, are aged between 23 and 36 and police believe they were planning a violent attack although they made no arrests.

“We will not stand by and watch as the terrorist Islamic State [of Iraq and Syria] death squads in Syria and Iraq get support from Germany,” Joachim Herrmann, interior minister for the southern state of Bavaria, told reporters after detailing the raids.

The raids took place as the United States and Arab allies launched air strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda militants in Syria.

More than 400 German citizens have traveled to Syria to join ISIS and the Berlin government this month outlawed the organization, making ISIS propaganda, symbols and activities illegal...


Brigitte Gabriel on ISIS propaganda movie

h/t GR


Iran says nuclear suspicions are ‘fabricated ambiguities’ but France hopes to make a deal

Uranium conversion facility in Isfahan, Iran

(Reuters) - Iran dismissed on Tuesday as “fabricated ambiguities” suspicions that it has carried out nuclear arms research, a day after it came under renewed Western pressure to help clear up U.N. watchdog concerns about its atomic energy program.

Addressing an annual meeting of the 162-nation International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), senior official Behrouz Kamalvandi also said Iran was committed to trying to reach a negotiated solution to its decade-old nuclear dispute with the West.

“However, measures such as sanctions or double standard approaches certainly harm the negotiating process and cause further mistrust,” Kamalvandi, vice chairman of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, said.

He urged world powers - which resumed talks with Iran in New York last week - to take “constructive and realistic approaches” and fully respect Iran’s nuclear rights in order to end what he called an “unnecessary” crisis...

Related: Hollande, after meeting Rouhani, expresses hope for nuclear deal: (Reuters) - French President Francois Hollande met his Iranian counterpart on Tuesday and said afterwards that he hoped for a swift agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

“The president hopes the negotiations can end quickly,” a statement from Hollande’s office said after he met Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the United Nations General Assembly...


UK writer accused of ‘sexism’ for saying some men prefer to stay outside rather go shopping with their wives

Carlisle, Cumbria

I have found myself embroiled in a row about sexism after a flippant remark made in an article for this website.

In an article revealing that free wifi would soon be available in Carlisle city centre I remarked: “That will no doubt be a boon to the men who often wait outside shops for their wives to finishing browsing, but there other major benefits too.”

It was an attempt at underlining that the wifi would be available in streets, but not in buildings and was also based on the observation that some men seem to prefer waiting in the street people watching to going into shops with the women in their lives.

I have three daughters, I’m one of them [who prefer to stay outside]...


Is ‘express entry’ the solution to Canada’s immigration issues?

...The express-entry program is aimed to encourage foreign nationals to apply for Canadian permanent residence under a new regime that will match their specific skillsets to those in demand by actual Canadian employers.

These interested foreign nationals (whether abroad or in Canada on work permits) will submit some type of an initial application online (details as to the scope of the application have not yet been released).

We do know that as part of this application, the foreign national will be able to (and is encouraged to) promote themselves to appear more attractive to prospective employers. (This “promotion” was jokingly referred to by immigration counsel at the Canadian Bar Association national immigration conference as being akin to a dating profile on Lavalife.)
Effectively, by selecting the foreign national, the ranking of that foreign national will rise, making it more likely he or she will receive an “invitation to apply” for permanent residence.

Once a foreign national has received this invitation, he or she has 60 days to file for permanent residence. At the writing of this column, there was no indication as to the frequency with which these invitations would be sent...


UK: Imported voters not enough, now Miliband says he will vote-whore among the young and stupid: drop voting age to 16

Sixteen years olds will be given the vote under a Labour government, Ed Miliband declared today.

The Labour leader said it was 'time to hear the voice of young people in our politics'. It comes after 16 and 17-year-olds took part in last week's historic Scottish independence referendum.

Mr Miliband made the announcement during his set-piece party conference speech in Manchester today.

He said: “People think Westminster politics is out of touch, irrelevant and often disconnected from their lives.

“And as somebody who stands at Prime Minister's Questions each Wednesday I often know what they mean. We might as well say it – it is what people think about politics.

“They think it is not about them and we've got to change it. We don't just need to restore people's faith in the future with this economic and social plan we need to change the way politics works in this country. What does that mean?

“First of all it is time to hear the voice of young people in our politics so we will give the vote to 16 and 17 year olds in general elections”...

* * *
This is a terrible idea. I did not realize that Salmond in Scotland was so desperate he was letting 16-year-olds vote.

Of course, there are two factors: 1) more of the ethnic vote is young because they have larger families and 2) young people in the West tend to be idealistic and frankly, stupid.

Some things about human nature do not change. There is a reason why all tribal societies in the present (and the all the ones in the past that made up our own ancestors) restrict important decisions to groups of what are called “elders.”

Clearly, the universal use of “elders” must have been winning strategy, or else Homo sapiens would not be where it is now.

The Labour Party in the UK is just looking for more votes. They do not give a flying damn about the future of the UK, just getting into power.

(Mind you, that could be said about a lot of countries and parties.)


ISIS threat: Americans are passengers on Titanic with Obama at helm

...[B]y seeking to detach ISIS from Islam, it is Obama who is misguided. Every barbaric act he mentioned is sanctioned by Islam and, in fact, has been committed by Muslims during their 1400-year history.

Ironically, while Muhammad’s violence targets Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims, Muslims have claimed most of their victims through “cannibalization.” They’ve been “eating their own,” with Muslim sects relegating other Muslim sects to non-Muslim status.

Obama fails to understand that a Muslim world united under a single global caliphate, whether it be ISIS, Al Qaeda, Iran, etc., will fully project its violence against the Koran’s intended targets — non-Muslims — doing so not as a detached religion, but as Islam itself dictates.

The violence encountered by the West so far is but the tip of an Islamic iceberg. By failing to recognize this, we become passengers on an ill-fated Titanic, with Obama at the helm, refusing to warn us. Politically correct, as always, he misrepresents Islam and leaves us apathetic and in the dark, blind to Muslims’ plan to destroy Western democracies...


Norway: Friendly Neighborhood Muslims Plotted To Film Interfaith Outreach Family Throat Slitting

Where is it exactly that Muslims live in peace again?


Ebola cases could reach 1.4 million in 4 months, C.D.C. estimates

Ebola cases as of Sept 17, 2014 (click to enlarge)

Yet another set of ominous projections about the Ebola epidemic in West Africa was released Tuesday, in a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that gave worst- and best-case estimates for Liberia and Sierra Leone based on computer modeling.

In the worst-case scenario, Liberia and Sierra Leone could have 21,000 cases of Ebola by Sept. 30 and 1.4 million cases by Jan. 20 if the disease keeps spreading without effective methods to contain it. These figures take into account the fact that many cases go undetected, and estimate that there are actually 2.5 times as many as reported.

The report does not include figures for Guinea because case counts there have gone up and down in ways that cannot be reliably modeled.

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Confederacy of Dunces? From the president on down, they are in resolute denial about radical Islam.

The military effort against the Islamic State hinges on a successful threefold approach involving intelligence, homeland security, and diplomacy. Unfortunately, the Obama administration does not have much past history in these areas to warrant confidence.

h/t Waffle


Tim Blair: Islam is a religion of enemies in pieces

Mass grave in Tikrit

Shortly after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the US, President George W. Bush established a protocol still observed by politicians worldwide more than 13 years later.

According to the Bush protocol, any mention of Islamic terrorism must be followed by a disclaimer pointing out that Islamic terrorism is nothing to do with Islam.

“Islam is peace,” Bush said six days after the 9/11 attacks, which slaughtered nearly 3000 people.

“These terrorists don’t represent peace.”

Bush returned to that theme during his second term: “I believe Islam is a great religion that preaches peace.”

Thus began a tradition followed all over the planet...


Today in wasting tax dollars: Wynne Bails out PanAm Games & MaRS Boondoggles

Ontario government bails out MaRS building for $309M

The cash-strapped Ontario government is bailing out the troubled MaRS Discovery District tower at the corner of College and University to the tune of $309 million.

Ontario putting $74M more into Pan Am Games budget

The Ontario government is putting an extra $74 million into the growing Pan Am Games budget and has not ruled out spending more on security in response to international terrorist threats.


Australian leader warns militants they face prison

An Australian ISIS member Khaled Sharrouf posted this picture of his son holding a severed head in August

Australia’s prime minister warned Tuesday that Australians who fight with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria group in the Middle East will be “jailed for a very long time” when they return home under a proposed law that would make it an offense to simply visit terrorism hot spots abroad.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government will introduce the proposed law to Parliament on Wednesday. The legislation is designed to make it easier to prosecute Australian jihadists when they return home from Mideast battlefields.

“If you fight with a terrorist group, if you seek to return to this country, as far as this government is concerned, you will be arrested, you will be prosecuted and you will be jailed for a very long time indeed,” Abbott told Parliament on Tuesday.

At least 60 Australians were fighting in Iraq and Syria with Islamic State and another al-Qaida offshoot, Jabhat al-Nursa, also known as the Nusra Front, the prime minister said.

He revealed that more than 60 Australian would-be fighters had had their passports canceled on secret service advice to prevent them from flying to the Mideast...

* * *
Let them go! But don’t let them come back.


Guardian: Why I am squatting in an empty house

The Focus E15 mums when they were evicted from their hostel last year

A group of local mothers are squatting next to London’s Olympic Park to tell the government we need social housing, not social cleansing

My daughter was 13 months old when I received the eviction notice. I was living in a hostel in Stratford, London E15. The letter said that we had two months to get out.

We were homeless; that’s why we were in the hostel in the first place. We didn’t have anywhere else to go. There were 210 other young women living there. Now it’s luxury flats. The council said they would rehouse us, but it turned out they were threatening to move us hundreds of miles away, to Manchester, Hastings and Birmingham.

When we met Newham’s Labour mayor, Sir Robin Wales, he told us: “if you can’t afford to live in Newham, you can’t afford to live in Newham.”

We grew up in Newham. We find this attitude disgusting. No one on low wages or benefits, or even an average income, can afford to live here.

Newham is a place for a variety of people, not just one class. We know that Newham is not alone either – people are being displaced every day from boroughs all over London. This is why we formed the Focus E15 Mothers campaign to fight for decent, local social housing for all those who need it...

* * *
I am not without some sympathy for them.  I managed in my own life - as a single mother - to own my own house (not a very big one, nor in a very exclusive part of town).

But times are changing: the relentless tide of immigrants - even if they do turn into good citizens - has pushed up house prices everywhere: they are unaffordable, even to working people on low wages.

I understand the problem is particularly acute in London.  So the why does the Guardian not see the connection: supply and demand?  They never publish op-eds suggesting it would be legitimate to scale back immigration to cut demand.


New York: Program to give legal help to young (illegal) migrants

The “child” migrants - as you can see, they are mostly teenage males - likely would not be considered “children” outside the West

The New York City Council and two philanthropic foundations are combining forces to provide legal representation and other services to some 1,000 unaccompanied immigrant children facing possible deportation under a new accelerated court process.

Advocates for immigrants fear that the children, often fleeing abuse or gang violence, will otherwise be denied due process. “Without a lawyer, you’re four times as likely to be sent back to your country than if you do have one,” said Eric Weingartner, a managing director at the Robin Hood Foundation, one of the two charities contributing grants.

The Council on Tuesday is to earmark $1 million, officials said; the Robin Hood Foundation is committing $550,000, and the New York Community Trust, $360,000.

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Air-Sharia: ‘Moderate’ UAE, U.S. ‘anti-IS Ally’, and its worldview

Interior of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Last night, with great fanfare, it was announced that U.S. airstrikes on the Islamic State, focusing on the city of Raqqah, Syria were “joined” by five regional “moderate Sunni Arab allies,” namely the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrein, and Qatar.

The UAE was singled out, perhaps because of its recently reported air strikes on jihadist militias in Libya.

London Telegraph analyst David Blair, however, provided this note of caution about the potential extent of UAE involvement:
But the UAE shares the traditional Arab reluctance to join Western-led military offensives. Whether its air force is carrying out combat sorties in Syria is unclear. If not, the UAE’s role may be confined to opening its air space and allowing the US to use al-Minhad military air base near Dubai.
While we withhold our collective breathless anticipation to learn which significant IS (or other “un-Islamic” jihad terrorist) targets the crack UAE pilots have destroyed—or “allowed” our own brave U.S. pilots to destroy— assessing the authentic “moderate” Islamic Weltanschauung of our Emirati allies, is a sobering experience...


Pope calls for Western countries to permit themselves to be flooded with third world migrants - many of them Muslim

Pope Francis (front) stands next to Albania’s President Bujar Nishani upon arrival in Tirana for his one-day pastoral visit to Albania, September 21, 2014.

(Reuters) - Pope Francis called on Tuesday for countries to join forces to help the rising number of migrants, thousands of whom have died this year on perilous journeys to flee poverty and war.

The pontiff’s message comes as seaborne migration from North Africa to Europe is at a record high and the United States is seeing a surge in the number of children from Central America attempting to cross its southern border.

“Large numbers of people are leaving their homelands, with a suitcase full of fears and desires, to undertake a hopeful and dangerous trip in search of more humane living conditions,” the pope said in a message.

Francis called for “a universal network of cooperation,” saying organizations around the world were making “laudable” efforts but that more decisive action was needed to ensure humane conditions for migrants.

On Sunday, 40 people were reported missing after their raft sank 30 miles (48 km) from eastern Libya, prompting Italian authorities to deploy their “Mare Nostrum” rescue mission.

Violence and political chaos in Libya has been exploited by traffickers who pack people, many fleeing the conflict in Syria or forced conscription in Eritrea, into rickety boats, charging around $1,000 for the passage.

Last week, the International Organization for Migration said there had been almost 3,000 migrant deaths in the Mediterranean so far this year...

* * *
Let the Muslim countries handle the Muslim refugees.  We do not want a single one of them.


French jihadis linked to 2012 Toulouse gunman arrested after return from Syria

Mohamed Merah: 2012 Toulouse gunman

(Reuters) - Three Frenchmen, including the brother-in-law of a Toulouse-based al Qaeda-inspired gunman who killed seven people in 2012, were arrested on Monday at a Paris airport suspected of having joined Islamic militants in Syria, a French official said.

Around 150 militants who fought with rebel groups in Syria and Iraq have returned to France, requiring “massive” resources for surveillance and other security measures to prevent attacks.

Thousands of Western volunteers have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join Islamist fighters, notably Islamic State. The exodus has raised fears in Europe of attacks on their return, particularly after France launched air strikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq last week.

The three men including the husband of Souad Merah, whose brother Mohamed killed seven people including three Jewish children in March 2012, were arrested at Orly airport in Paris.

The 2012 attack was the worst France has suffered since 1995, when the Algerian Armed Islamic Group bombed a Paris metro station, killing eight people and wounding dozens.

“The three men had been arrested by Turkish authorities at the end of August and had been in Syria since February/March 2013,” the source close to the case told Reuters...

* * *
“Massive resources” required to track these fine enrichers of France? What will France do in a generation or two when the Muslim fraction of the population will be much larger?

The warning is clear: Muslims should not be living in the West.  We are committing cultural suicide.   


I wonder what that was about?

Pity the first half was painted over.


Suncor sends its first tanker of Western Canada heavy crude to Europe

Sorel-Tracy Maritime Terminal

(Reuters) - Canada's largest oil and gas producer, Suncor Energy Inc, is shipping its first ever tanker of Western Canadian heavy crude from Canada’s East Coast to Europe, a company spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

Suncor spokeswoman Sneh Seetal confirmed Reuters shipping data that shows the aframax tanker Minerva Gloria was set to pick up a cargo of crude oil from the port of Sorel-Tracy on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec.

Seetal declined to comment on where in Europe the crude cargo is going, citing commercial confidentiality. According to Reuters data it will be discharged in the Mediterranean.

The crude was delivered by rail to a storage facility in Sorel-Tracy that is owned by Kildair Service Ltd.

Barclays analyst Michael Cohen said he did not know of any other instances of a cargo of Western Canadian crude making its way to Europe via rail and tanker from Canada’s East Coast.

For years producers in the oil sands in the landlocked province of Alberta in Western Canada have been desperately seeking ways to get their crude to tidewater and higher-priced international markets...


Ex-al-Qaida spokesman gets life prison term in NY - making threats to the very end

Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law Sulaiman Abu Ghaith

Osama bin Laden's son-in-law was sentenced to life in prison for acting as al-Qaeda's spokesman after the September 11 terror attacks.

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, who said he saw “no remorse whatsoever” from the 48-year-old imam.

“You continue to threaten,” the judge said. “You sir, in my assessment, still want to do everything you can to carry out al-Qaida’s agenda of killing Americans.”
“At the same moment you were shackling my hands and intending to bury me alive, you are at the same time unleashing the hands of hundreds of Muslim youths,” [Ghaith] said.

“They will join the ranks of the free men soon and very soon the world will see the end of these theater plays.”

As he announced Abu Ghaith’s sentence, [Judge] Kaplan said that “as recently as 15 minutes ago, you continued to threaten”...


Greenfield: Hillary will be Alinsky’s third term

After two terms in the White House by one Alinsky disciple, the United States is divided as never before. One in four Americans are ready for their state to secede from the United States. Three quarters of Americans don’t believe that their children will have a better future than they did.

To anyone else this would be a failure, but to an Alinskyite despair and doom are a success story. Saul Alinsky wrote in Rules for Radicals that the organizer must “rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression.”

He must make the people “feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future”...


Turkey now allows girls as young as 10 to cover hair at schools

(Reuters) - Turkey has lifted a ban on the Islamic-style headscarf in schools, allowing girls from the fifth grade and up to cover their hair in a further easing of generations-old restrictions on the public expression of faith.

The government, whose roots are in political Islam, has already lifted a ban on religious garb for university students and female civil servants, scrapping curbs stemming from the founding of Turkey’s secular republic in 1923 on the ashes of Islamic Ottoman Empire.

“Our female students have yearned” for the end of the ban, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said late on Monday after a cabinet meeting approved the changes.

“The change applies to middle and high schools, not to primary schools,” Education Minister Nabi Avci told reporters on Tuesday in comments broadcast by CNN Turk. “Beginning with fifth grade, everyone can practice this.”

According to Islamic custom, girls may start covering their hair when they reach puberty...

* * *
Islamic custom is not “may” but “must” - see Saudi Arabia, for example.


French PM vows ‘no negotiation’ with Algeria hostage-takers

French PM Manuel Valls (File photo: Reuters)

France’s prime minister Tuesday vowed there would be “no discussion, no negotiation” with an Algerian group linked to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants that has claimed the kidnapping of a French citizen and stressed Paris would continue air strikes on the extremists.

Manuel Valls told French radio there would be “no discussion, no negotiation and we will never give in to blackmail. Even if we are of course very worried after the authentication of this video.”

The group, Jund al-Khilifa (Soldiers of the Caliphate), promised in a video message to kill the hostage, Herve Pierre Gourdel, within 24 hours unless France stopped its air strikes against ISIS in Iraq.

“If we give in, if we retreat an inch, we will be handing them victory,” Valls told Europe 1 radio while on a visit to Germany...

* * *
The French have a history of working with kidnappers to retrieve hostages. Let us see if he means what he says.


Afghanistan’s Karzai slams US, Pakistan in farewell speech

Outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai gestures as he addresses a gathering of government employees at the Presidential Palace in Kabul on September 23, 2014. AFP Photo

Outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Sept. 23 blamed the United States for his country’s long war, a final swipe at the country that helped bring him to power 13 years ago but towards which he has become increasingly bitter.

His farewell speech came days ahead of the planned swearing in of a new president, Ashraf Ghani, after months of potentially violent crisis over a disputed election that ended in a power-sharing deal, yet to be tested, with rival Abdullah Abdullah.

Karzai blamed both the United States and neighbouring Pakistan for the continuing war with the Taliban-led insurgency and warned the new government to be “be extra cautious in relations with the U.S. and the West.”
“One of the reasons was that the Americans did not want peace because they had their own agenda and objectives,” Karzai said. He did not elaborate, but in the past has suggested continued violence has been an excuse for the United States to keep bases in the country...

* * *
I hope the Taliban hangs you from a lamp post, you corrupt, self-serving p.o.s.

Half your wretched family is living in the West -- the US in fact. I wonder why they want to live there?


Australia: Everyday Run Of The Mill Muslim 'terror suspect' killed in Melbourne

An 18-year-old man who had made threats against Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been shot dead in Melbourne, reports say.

The man had been under surveillance as a "person of interest", and was being investigated over claims of terrorism, the ABC broadcaster said.

Two police officers were reportedly stabbed by the man before he was shot.


UK: 'You're ruining our religion': Girl berated Muslim man as he raped her in a Tesco car park

A 15-year-old Muslim girl from East London told a Muslim man, “You’re ruining our religion” as he raped her in a supermarket car park.

The girl, unnamed, reported that she was picked up by Belal Miah and made to lie flat in the front seat of his BMW while he raped her in a Tesco car park.

Court News reports that the girl was dressed in a full hijab outside her school when she was persuaded to get into Miah’s BMW car and was repeatedly abused...

* * *
Isn’t “diversity” grand? So “enriching.”


Osama bin Laden's son-in-law sentenced to life in prison

Devout Muslim 
New York (CNN) -- Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, Osama bin Laden's son-in-law, was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday, said Jerika Richardson, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Manhattan.

In March, he was found guilty of helping al Qaeda terrorists conspire to kill Americans and providing material support to terrorists.

At his trial, federal prosecutors said the Kuwaiti cleric played a crucial role as the organization's principal mouthpiece and recruiter, helping "restore al Qaeda's trove of new terrorists" as deadly missions turned its members into martyrs.


Retired general says political correctness is deadly to US

Major General Thomas G. McInerney

PINEHURST — A retired three-star general railed against the Obama administration, political correctness, the media and rules of engagement during a speech Monday night at Sandhills Community College.

Thomas G. McInerney, who retired from the Air Force in 1994 as a lieutenant general, currently serves as a Fox News military analyst and was invited to speak by the Moore County Republican Party.

The general was originally slated to talk about how military downsizing may affect preparedness, but changed his topic to instead address current threats facing the nation.

McInerney presented views that he called “more harsh” than his Fox News commentary.

He particularly focused on events surrounding the attack on a U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012.

“Unless we’re harsh we're going to lose this nation,” he said. “We’re losing it fast”...

h/t Nicolai Sennels


Obesity and the Third World

Overweight in Mexico

Fat is no longer just a developed world problem...

A landmark report by the Overseas Development Institute earlier in 2014 showed that more than one-third of the world’s adults are overweight – and that almost two-thirds of the world’s overweight people are found in low and middle-income nations.

The number of obese or overweight people in developing countries rose from 250 million to almost 1 billion in under three decades, and these rates are rising significantly faster than in rich nations. South Africa typifies this alarming new trend, with nearly double the average global obesity rates, and according to another report has become the world’s third fattest nation...

* * *
Next Somali famine: let’s ask some of these countries to kick in...they clearly have food to spare.


Australia: More outraged Muslims - what a surprise!

Queensland Islamic leaders say PUP senator’s statement that ‘When it comes to sharia law, to me, it obviously involves terrorism’ will provoke intolerance

Muslim leaders have reacted with outrage to Palmers United party senator Jacqui Lambie’s comments linking Islamic law to terrorism.

During an ABC television interview on Sunday, Lambie said those who adhere to sharia law should get out of the country.

When asked what she knew about sharia law, she said: “When it comes to sharia law, to me, it obviously involves terrorism.”

The Islamic Council of Queensland president Mohammed Yusuf says ill-informed comments like Lambie’s only helped fuel intolerance.

“It’s clear she has no clue about sharia law. What she said was laughable,” he said.

“But it’s also these types of comments that can incite hatred.”

Queensland EidFest president Yasmin Khan and prominent leader among southeast Queensland’s Muslim community Haji Sultan Deen are urging the wider community to ignore Ms Lambie’s comments...


The Dhimmis of Rotherham

For thirteen years, not a government official, not a policeman, not a journalist, not a teacher, not a citizen let out a single peep.

How could officials have ignored this state of affairs for so long? In a monolithic governmental culture, attitudes and practices come down from the top and are expected to be followed in detail. The UK is much more monolithic in this sense than the U.S. What came down in Rotherham was Political Correctness and multiculturalism, with Muslims as a protected class whose behavior was not subject to judgment, no matter how odious or dangerous. Rotherham is another example of bureaucracy in its final state, a limbo where no results transpire and the bureaucrats themselves live only for the golden pension at the end. See Theodore Dalyrmple for further examples.

But the real question involves the people.


Israel: Murderers of the three teens eliminated

Murdered (L to R): Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha'ar, Naftali Frenkel

Marwan Kawasmeh and Amer Abu Eisha of Hevron located and killed in exchange of gunfire

Marwan Kawasmeh and Amer Abu Eisha of Hevron, who abducted and murdered three yeshiva boys Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha'ar, Naftali Frenkel in June, were located and killed in exchange of gunfire early Tuesday morning.

The operation was carried out by the Yamam, a special unit of the Border Police, and the IDF, in Hevron. An attempt was made to arrest the suspects but an exchange of fire developed in which they were killed.

The operation was made possible by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), which located the murderers’ hideout. In the last few days, several Hamas suspects were arrested and questioned on the assumption that they were assisting the fugitives...

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Great Smoking Guns of History

I quit smoking around 10 years after I quit drinking, but I miss smoking much more, and it was far harder to give up. Especially since, right after my last cigarette, I met my future husband—a smoker. Because God can be a jerk.

(Incidentally, by “smoking,” I mean tobacco. Weed never did a thing for me.)

Anyway, I’ve promised myself that if I ever find out I have cancer, I get to start smoking again.


I'm shocked...

and appalled!


Chinese radicals from Xinjiang join Islamic State

Chinese citizens have joined Islamic State, the country’s state media said, as China sought to offer further evidence that its domestic security problems are a global concern.

Radicals from Xinjiang have joined the terror group to receive training in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in Asia, China’s Communist-run Global Times newspaper said in a report Monday. Xinjiang is the sprawling region in China’s northwest that is home to the restive Uyghurs, a largely Muslim population whose freedoms China has heavily restricted in response to a string of deadly attacks it blames on Uyghur terrorists.


Second video of British hostage John Cantlie released

The video, which lasts for almost six minutes, follows a similar pattern to the first video featuring the journalist.

It is introduced with the title "Lend Me Your Ears and Messages From The British Detainee John Cantlie: Episode 1".

Dressed in an orange outfit like other IS hostages seen in videos, Mr Cantlie repeated that he had been abandoned by his government.

Reading from a pre-prepared script, he also said Western governments "were caught napping by the sheer speed of the Islamic State's growth" and they have underestimated "the strength and fighting zeal of the opponent".

"Not since Vietnam have we witnessed such a potential mess in the making," he says.


Londonistan a No-Go Zone for Pro-Israel Ad Campaign

Lord knows you don't want to offend Muslims with the truth.


Stupid liberal columnist at the Montreal Gazette: ISIS: Will Islam survive?

Many transcendentalists will tell you that there are no coincidences in life, and that there is purpose for everything, including the murderous rampage by the religious fanatics who make up ISIS.

There are fanatics in every religion, of course. But in this modern age, most of those fanatics don’t behead people. They’re not dangerous. And many Christians and Muslims have adapted their faiths to this age — those who don’t practise tolerance of people outside their faiths are seeing attendance in their organizations decline, with some fading into obscurity.

I’ve wondered aloud before in a post, and I do so again today: what damage is ISIS doing to the long-term survival of Islam? Whereas I didn’t have an answer to that question the last time I posed it, I think I may have one now.  From a transcendentalist’s point of view, I see where all this is leading.

Essentially, ISIS — perhaps unknowingly or perhaps knowingly — is gathering many of the world’s dangerous Islamic fanatics out into the open, so that they can be culled from Islam. And Islam will be better off for it in the long run, and will survive as a religion of peace and love . . .

Am I dreaming?...

* * *
This writer is so far off in la-la land I do not know where to start.

Let me just address a few problems.  The religions that are currently attracting the most adherents are not the ones that are obsessed with tolerance and peace.  Look at the United Church for a prime example.

The remaining people attending consist of very elderly people and a handful of younger people who do want that type of religion.  But they are well in the minority.  The churches that are attracting people are teaching the basics.

There is yet another factor.  The liberal-left, whether religious in their own foggy way or not, tend to have few children, often none.

Deeply religious people tend to have lots. Amish and Hassidic Jews for some non-Muslims examples.  We all know that Muslims have lots of kids.

And what is the long term consequence of having lots of kids?   It is a lot easier to predict than climate change:  there will be more of you in the next generation.

So not only will Islam survive, it will thrive!  

See the article a few posts back on raping women to start new families.  

It might take a few generations but eventually it will become clear that being liberal leftists with few or no children is not a recipe for long-term survival.


Israel shoots down Syrian fighter plane over Golan Heights

Pictured: Moment Syrian plane is shot from the sky by Israeli missile as it 'violates' airspace over the Golan Heights


Sure, just start charging the Tigers admission that'll keep em away

Indian white tiger kills student at Delhi zoo



The Jihadists' Promise: Power over Death

Even after witnessing several beheadings and mass executions, American and Western strategists dealing with Jihadist terror still miss the key point. Whatever the particular terrorist group of the moment -- the Islamic State [IS or ISIS], Hamas, al-Qaeda, or some other kindred terror organization -- the core struggle is never really about territory, geography, or democracy. Always -- in Iraq, Afghanistan Syria, or Gaza -- this enemy seeks something far more important and compelling. In essence, Jihadi violence serves not only to advance the terrorist's delusion of immortality, but also to add, however perversely, an apparent and desperately needed erotic satisfaction, using religion as the justification.


Canada aligns with global push against Islamic State

Canada is poised to take part in a global push to strengthen domestic anti-terror laws amid growing concern about the threat of Islamic State militants.

Members of the UN Security Council are expected to adopt a binding resolution aimed at curbing the trend of foreign fighters who travel to join extremist organizations such as Islamic State. The resolution would require countries to enact domestic laws banning suspected militants from travelling and will be championed by U.S. President Barack Obama during a meeting of the powerful UN body on Wednesday afternoon.

The government should fix our immigration and refugee policy to ensure that in future we limit the damage caused by the religion of peace.


Americans were too late in realizing Israel is not the problem

Only about two years ago, US Secretary of State John Kerry was convinced that he had found the Archimedean point, which if he would hold onto, he would be able to solve all the problems of the Middle East – Israel.

This was also the perception of President Barack Obama and his Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel: A solution in Israel would allow stability in all of the Middle East.

This delusional perception is a continuation of the decades-long approach that Israel is the root of all problems in the Middle East, a sort of almost anti-Semitic approach. Our conflict has been so inflated by politicians and academics, that over the years many have fallen into the trap of thinking that we really are the problem.

Now that same Kerry is trying to build a “coalition” to fight ISIS, and he didn’t even bother to come to Israel, because what good can Israel do? Are we Sunnis or Shiites? Or maybe we are part of the conflict of Arab nationalism against radical Islam?

Indeed, he was very late in understanding that not only are we not an Archimedean point with which the problems of the Middle East can be solved, but that we have a very weak connection to these problems. Only now, the Americans have realized that our conflict is at the margins of the margins of the real problems in the region...


Muslim groups denounce anti-Islam ads on NYC buses

Muslim groups are denouncing the anti-Islamic advertisements slated to run on New York City buses next week, calling them hateful and vitriolic.

A set of six advertisements with anti-Muslim messaging will begin appearing on Sept. 29, plastered on 100 New York City buses and in two subway entrances. The ads will run for a total of four weeks, according to the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

The ads, which reportedly cost $100,000, are sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Led by blogger Pamela Geller, the far-right group supports what it calls “counter jihad measures.” The group publicized the coming ads on their website, describing the campaign as telling "truths about Islam and jihad that the government and media ignore.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States, characterizes the AFDI as an “active anti-Muslim group”...


Islamic State militants raping thousands of women to populate caliphate, Iraqi official claims

Islamic State fighters parade through Raqqa, Syria

Young militants are running wild to the chagrin of their more sophisticated and PR-savvy commanders, an Iraqi official told The New York Post.

The motivation of the rapists is said to be twofold: They want to make IS babies — and they are just plain out for the thrills.

“You have these young ISIS fighters carrying machine guns and they . . . want to have sex,” the official said.

But their commanders, who are focused on their savage war, have ordered the young fighters to keep their zippers closed.

“The ISIS commanders take a more official position,” the source said, using an alternative abreviation for the terror group. “They don’t want them to mess around with the women. They only want them to fight.”
Each rapist’s goal is to impregnate multiple women and breed children within their villages and towns, he said, adding, “They want to intertwine themselves within the communities.

“They want to become part of the fabric of the cities they control so they can live on for generations”...

* * *
After all, they need to replace the families and clans that they have left behind. I suspect this scenario has been very common in history.  And it often worked: the invaders stayed.

If there were no written records, within a few generations everyone would have forgotten how violent the intruders were at the beginning.

h/t Iron Burka


Australia: Calls for Christians to lead in easing inter-cultural tensions

Baptist Church 150th anniversary keynote speaker Gordon Moyes

Calls by some Australian politicians to ban the Islamic burka in Australia were off the mark, long-time media commentator, church leader and former politician Gordon Moyes said in Warrnambool on the weekend.

He said it was up to the general community to put aside racism and try to ease rising inter-cultural tensions.

“These issues shouldn’t be resolved by a parliament and by law, but they should be resolved by people understanding why it is that many people are affronted by some religious dress and behaviour,” he told The Standard.

The Reverend Dr Moyes, who was in Warrnambool as keynote speaker for 150th anniversary celebrations of the local Baptist Church, said threats by extremists to behead some Australian citizens would bring the worst scenario possible for inter-religious affairs.

His comments came as Palmer United Party’s Senator Jacqui Lambie yesterday stood by her controversial use of the photo of a murdered, veiled Afghan policewoman as part of a campaign against burkas and Sharia law in Australia...

* * *
Another sappy idiot. I suggest he ask how well “interfaith” discussions once Muslims are in the majority: he could talk to Christians in Egypt, or Christians, Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan.

Muslims will never be in the majority?  Why not?  Are you contemplating immigration restrictions?


Murderers Of Three Israeli Teenagers Killed By Israel

According to the Israel Defense Forces, the two men who kidnapped and murdered the three Israeli boys, Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Fraenkel, identified as Amer Abu Aisha & Marwan Qawame were killed overnight by Israel.


Now even the Russian media is having a go at the dishonest scaremongerers of the Tell Mama group

Recently there was a very interesting article published on the website of the Voice of Russia that was partly about everyone’s least favourite mendacious grievance-mongering Taqiyya artists, Fiyaz Mughal’s Tell Mama group.

A researcher quoted by the VoR report by Carmen Cracknell, said that Tell Mama and others who are claiming that there has been a massive rise in the danger to Muslims from the nationalist far-right that: ‘TellMAMA is an Islamic group with its own agenda and you have to treat it with caution. We need hard data. There is no evidence the far right is on the rampage.’

What is interesting about this story is the similarity of the allegations of the unamed Home Office counter-extremism worker, quoted in a recent BBC news report, and those made by Tell Mama.

The anonymous Home Office senior advisor works for the government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy that, during the Labour years, had been heavily penetrated by Islamists and other Islamic ‘non-violent’ extremists...


Nafeesa Khan: Contextualizing Hirsi Ali - major whine

...Hirsi Ali ended her talk on Monday by addressing Yale’s Muslim students, asking us the following: “Muslim Students Association of Yale: You live at a time when Muslims are at a crossroads. Every single day there is a headline that forces the Muslim individual to choose between his conscience and his creed…with every atrocity they commit, they remind the Muslim of his commitment to submit to Allah. Will you submit passively or actively, or will you finally stand up to Allah?”

By suggesting that Muslims — particularly Yale’s Muslims — can only save their humanity by abandoning their identities, Hirsi Ali’s call to action erases the experiences of any Muslim who is in fact a decent human being. It gives no consideration to the countless Muslims whose lives are enriched by Islam, and made more peaceful by their religious and cultural identification. This reduction of Islam to a “creed” of manic violence serves to cast a blanket of doubt on the innocence and loyalty of an entire community, thereby reinforcing Islamophobic ideologies that allow targeted racial profiling, surveillance and discrimination to run rampant...

Muslim Yalies are no strangers to Islamophobia. Many of us have grown up dodging slurs and watching other passengers leer and whisper after spotting our bearded fathers and Hijabi mothers boarding flights. Many of us have spent our youths constantly trying to prove how “American”, “peaceful” and “respectable” we are, only to be told by Fox News that terrorists “all look alike. They’re all foreign-born … They’re all Muslim”...


Australia: Facebook page to ‘track’ religious hatred against Muslims

Members of Australia's Muslim community have set up a Facebook page to track religious hatred and discrimination

The page, Islamophobia Register Australia, encourages people to report any anti-Muslim sentiment they’ve experienced.

Since its creation last week, it's already attracted more than one thousand likes.

One of the page's administrators Mariam Veiszadeh spoke to Santilla Chingaipe about what prompted the formation of the group.

* * * You can listen to an interview at the link.


Florida, of course

So now there's this....

It had to be either Florida or Japan. Nice shower curtains there,
BTW. I assume she bought them from Norman Bates on Etsy


Tony Blair: ‘Islamism is not confined to a few fanatics’ - but Islam is a ‘religion of compassion and mercy’

In advocating for a strong military response to the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria, Tony Blair has also outlined the need for a broader approach to tackle Islamism in the world today.

In a lengthy essay published on his Faith Foundation’s website entitled “The Way Ahead,” the former prime minister says: “It is clear that there is a fundamental problem with radical Islamism.”

“Islamism of course is not the same as Islam,” he explains. “The religion of Islam is an Abrahamic religion of compassion and mercy. For centuries it shamed Christendom with its advances in science and social development.

“This is not a clash of civilizations,” he continues. “It is a struggle between those who believe in peaceful co-existence for people of all faiths and none; and extremists who would use religion wrongly as a source of violence and conflict. Our enemies are those who would pervert Islam. Our allies are the many Muslims the world over who are the principal victims of such a perversion.”

Blair says we need to “join the dots” between many of the major conflicts in the world, recognising that a significant number of them are related to some form of Islamism...

* * *
More BS about “perverting Islam.”  Nor did it “shame” Christdom for “centuries.”  These politicians make me sick.


US jury convicts Arab Bank of financing Hamas terrorism

Hamas activists burn a coffin draped in an Israeli flag, during a rally marking the 13th anniversary of the so-called Al-Aqsa uprising or Second Intifada, in the refugee camp of Nusairat, central Gaza Strip, Sept. 27 2013

In a landmark decision, a New York jury on Monday found the Jordan-based multinational Arab Bank liable on 24 counts of supporting terrorism by transferring funds to Hamas.

The verdict came after the jury deliberated for nearly two full days after a month-long trial at the eastern district court in Brooklyn.

“This is an enormous milestone,” said Gary Osen, a lawyer on the team representing around 300 American relatives and the victims of 24 attacks carried out in Israel and the Palestinian territories during the Second Intifada. The federal lawsuit was filed in 2004.

“For the first time a financial institution is liable for supporting terrorism. The question now is to see how other financial institutions, regulators will deal with their banks and this decision,” he added...


NYT public editor: An article on Shonda Rhimes rightly causes a furor - and NYT critics lack diversity

Shonda Rhimes

The article on the television producer Shonda Rhimes hadn’t yet appeared in Sunday’s paper, but the virtual world was ablaze in protest over it on Friday after it was published online.

Written by the longtime TV critic Alessandra Stanley, its first paragraph – with a reference to Ms. Rhimes as an “Angry Black Woman” – struck many readers as completely off-base. Many called it offensive. Some went further, saying it was racist.

Another reference to the actress Viola Davis as “less classically beautiful” than lighter-skinned African American actresses immediately inspired a mocking hashtag. (Ms. Stanley’s article was pegged to a show, starring Ms. Davis, that will debut this week on ABC, “How to Get Away with Murder.”)

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The Islamic State, Turkey and Syria’s Kurds murky relations

Syrian Kurds walk after crossing into Turkey at the Turkish-Syrian border, near the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province, Turkey, September 20, 2014. Reuters

As jihadists calling themselves the “Islamic State” (IS) have swept across Iraq and Syria, they have come up against one unusually tough opponent. Syria's ethnic Kurds have stubbornly clung onto three separate enclaves along Syria's border with Turkey and even pushed back into lands captured by IS.

Since September 18th IS has turned the tables, concentrating its forces for an all-out offensive to take the central enclave around the Syrian Kurdish-majority town of Ain al-Arab, known as Kobane in Turkish, on the border with Turkey. IS sees the territory as strategic because it lies close to the edges of its “caliphateÚ and to a supply route used by foreign fighters joining the group. IS has grabbed scores of villages, pushing more than 100,000 Kurdish refugees into Turkey.

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Fleeing illegal immigrants cause mayhem on M25

Traffic was slowed on the M25 due to fleeing illegal migrants

Motorists on the M25 were hit by disruption when 13 suspected illegal immigrants were seen running from the back of a lorry on a stretch of the motorway in Surrey.

Traffic was forced to a standstill on a piece of the road between Junctions 11 and 12 close to where the M25 meets the M3.

Surrey Police said all of the suspects were detained and arrested on suspicion of immigration offences.

The incident is not thought to have caused any major sustained disruption on what is one of the busiest parts of the London orbital.

A spokesman for the force said: "Surrey Police received a number of calls around 8-50am from members of the public reporting that they had seen a large group of people getting out of the back of a lorry which had stopped on the hard shoulder between junctions 11 (Chertsey) and 12 (the M3).

“The lorry drove off prior to officers attending the scene. However, the 13 people, including men and women, were located walking along the M25 and were arrested on suspicion of immigration offences.

“They are currently in custody and the UK Border Agency has been informed.”

Seven other people were arrested later in connection with the incident...


Iraqis displaced by Islamic State advance overwhelm a small town

IDPs (internally displaced people) in Khanke, Iraq

KHANKE, Iraq—This tiny town overlooking the Tigris River has unexpectedly become one of Iraq's fastest growing communities.

Over the last six weeks, the size of Khanke has quadrupled as nearly 70,000 Iraqis sought refuge here from Islamic State fighters overrunning the nearby Sinjar Mountain region in the country's northeast, according to the United Nations.

Islamic State is also advancing in northern Syria, where it has forced 130,000 Syrian Kurds from their homes in recent days. The rampage by insurgents is creating a massive refugee crisis that puts increasing pressure on Iraq, America and its allies to accelerate efforts to uproot the extremist forces from the Middle East.

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UK: More taxpayer funds go to extremist charities

The charity Orphans in Need has promoted preachers such as Zahir Mahmood, pictured above, who has claimed that, “Hamas are not terrorists; they're freedom fighters, they're defending their country.”

The British government is, incredibly, still continuing to fund charitable UK-based organizations with links to the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist groups and domestic extremism. Simultaneously, lawmakers seem to be having trouble thinking of ways to tackle extremism and terrorist incitement within Britain's Muslim communities.

In early 2014, the Department for Communities and Local Government provided a grant of £18,000 ($29,000) to the Muslim Charities Forum [MCF], a charitable body and umbrella group for a number of leading Islamist charities, most of which are members of the Union of Good, a fundraising body established by the Muslim Brotherhood to raise money for the terror group Hamas...

Previous related post:

UK: Work with extremist Islamic groups, says expert


Vlad Tepes: Full presentation of Sister Hatune Dogan from Sept. 12 2014

It is a video and a gallery of photos. He explains the problems:

This was an editing job fraught with tough decisions. The most difficult was whether or not to leave in the section where she shows her slides and videos that I know for a fact would get this video pulled down from Youtube under its current modus operandi.

I do not know exactly why beheading and mutilation videos of jihadis manage to stay up on Youtube indefinitely while videos which show that they are doing this and why get pulled often very fast but I still do not think its a conspiracy by Google so much as Islamic and leftist activism flagging videos with harsh content that make Islam look bad under certain contexts...


Jonathan Kay: The one place in Canada where racism is still tolerated: native reserves

A smoke shack advertising free cigarettes on the Kahnawke Mohawk reserve near Montreal.

Hold the front page: In a throwback to the pre-Civil Rights era, a small community in Quebec is enforcing a racist law that serves to expel any resident couple that is found to be of mixed race. It’s Jim Crow, Canadian-style.

What’s worse, grass-roots enforcers have taken it into their own hands to implement the law, leaving threatening messages for miscegenators.

In one shocking example, a non-white woman named Cheryl Diabo found a sign outside her home that read “My name is Cheryl … I live with a white man.”

Perhaps worst of all, the whole community in question is financed in large part through massive public transfer payments.

The government of Canada is, in effect, directly subsidizing what just may be the most officially racist community in the entire Western world.

And yet little is being done. Why are the human rights mandarins not descending on this community? Why are Parliamentary leaders not denouncing this outbreak of explicit, old-school racism? …

Oh wait. Sorry. Cancel the front-page scoop. It’s a native reserve that’s enforcing the anti-mixed-marriage edict...


Evening photo: Fall colours in Nevada

The fall colors are at their peak on the upper part of the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive in Great Basin National Park.

Photo: National Park Service


Chairman Chow Shot Down In 3rd Poll Today!

The poll — conducted Monday exclusively for the Star and Citytv — sees Tory maintain his lead in Toronto’s mayoral race at 38 per cent, Ford in second place at 31 per cent and Olivia Chow in third place at 25 per cent!


Australia: We are the ones being terrorised, Muslims say

A car which was damaged overnight and daubed with anti-Muslim slogans in Miller near Liverpool.

A car has been damaged and daubed with offensive comments, threatening letters have been sent and women have been abused in the street.

A backlash of hate crimes against the Muslim community after the police raids last week has also sparked a rash of social media comments such as “this is how they should deal with them,” “behead them all,” “give them a taste of their own medicine for a change” and “we just need to blow up parramatta in Bankstown.”

One of the founders of the Australian Arabic Council and human rights activist Joseph Wakim said “everyone should remember that no faith tells you to harm innocent people.”

“It is not open season on Muslims,” Mr Wakim said. “It is not OK to go Muslim-bashing.

“The raids were about stopping people feared to be terrorists, yet it is the Muslim people who are being terrorized”...

* * *
I am always very dubious over complaints about social media. You can see comments of every kind of flavour if you look around.


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