Giant panda faked pregnancy for extra treats and air conditioning

This is either Mei Mei or the clever faker Ai hin. Look, it's a panda.
They all look the same.
I have nothing to add.

Okay, I do. To the best of my knowledge, pandas can barely be persuaded to mate. They're like emos or something. They eat only one thing, bamboo, (even though they are classed as "carnivores", so figure that out), but any given panda will only eat certain types of bamboo. I think they're cute and everything, but maybe nature just wants these things dead.

Like the Screamapillar.


Dealing Honestly with ‘White Privilege’

"...Consider, why should an exodus of white people leave blacks destitute? Are we not speaking of adults? Are we blacks not endowed with the same human capacity to conceive of values and pursue happiness? To speak of blacks as “forgotten” is to speak of us like children lost at the mall, wholly incapable of assuming responsibility for ourselves. In this way, “white privilege” seems to mean productive capacity, and those wielding the phrase seem to argue that blacks have none."


‘Europe’s Last Stand’ – The five pillars of Islamic conquest: New film from the Christian Action Network

“Europe’s Last Stand” is a shocking and graphic documentary by PRB Films, in association with Christian Action Network, which examines the Islamic invasion of Western Europe and its threat to European democracy, freedoms, culture and history.

It is also a warning to the U.S: This Islamic invasion – which we are witnessing on its rampage through Europe and the Middle East – is headed to America!...

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A month into its debut season, HBO still hasn’t announced if it’s renewing The Leftovers, and so we don’t know if all the red herrings Lindelof is dropping into the show will become as portentous or pointless as they were in Lost.

 One thing we do know is that it’s an increasingly secular world, and that the secular want – to paraphrase punk rock legends the Clash – a rapture of their own. Since they’ve made abortion a sacrament and colonized the apocalypse with climate change, it’s not surprising that their rapture looks like a world without meaning or hope.


Ontario Sikhs ‘Deeply Disappointed' As New Helmet Law Overturns Religious Exemption

TORONTO (RNS) The open road has closed for motorcycle-riding Sikhs in Ontario.

The province’s premier has informed Sikhs they are not exempted from motorcycle helmet laws.

In a letter this month to the Canadian Sikh Association, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne wrote that not wearing a helmet poses “a road safety risk.”

“Ultimately, the safety of Ontarians is my utmost priority, and I cannot justify setting that concern aside.”

C'mon, Wynne governs like she has incurred a brain killing head injury.


Prez doesn’t get Islamic terrorism - Fails to link Hamas, Hezbollah ideology to ISIS

In the wake of 9/11, it seemed undeniable that the United States and Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, were at war with a common enemy — radical Islamic terrorism. It seemed obvious that the Islamic terrorists who attacked America shared the same barbaric, anti-Western ideology as the fanatics that seek to wipe Israel off the map.

And yet, 13 years later, the equation of anti-American Islamic terrorism with anti-Israeli Islamic terrorism remains inexplicably controversial.

Witness the collective gasp from the liberal elite when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated bluntly last week that, “Hamas is ISIS. ISIS is Hamas.”

“Not so,” they protested. “Hamas is a national liberation movement.” And, to some extent, it is. But like ISIS (and al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and other radical Islamic groups), Hamas is comprised of fanatics that use violence, summary executions and terror to achieve their objectives. And what, exactly, are those objectives? For ISIS — Islamic State in Iraq and Syria — and Hamas, which are both Sunni groups and both off-shoots of the Muslim Brotherhood, they are the establishment of an Islamic theocracy, the imposition of Sharia law, the purge of apostates and the blood of Westerners


UK: Great Dorset Steam Fair

A double Fordson tractor at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, where hundreds of period steam traction engines and heavy mechanical equipment are being set up for the annual Dorset gathering of steam enthusiasts.



U.N. Kangaroo Commission II assembled to investigate Israel and Gaza

U.N. appoints “Goldstone II” panel consisting of people who already are hostile to Israel

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has appointed a former New York State judge, Mary McGowan Davis to be the third commission member to investigate possible war crimes that might have occurred during Operation Protective Edge.

The commission is to be headed by Prof. William Schabas...

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Delingpole: 1400 children groomed, drugged and raped by multiculturalism

Q: When is the sexual abuse of children culturally, socially and politically acceptable?

A: When it's committed with industrial efficiency by organised gangs of mainly Pakistani men in English Northern towns like Burnley, Oldham and Rotherham, of course.


UK Police Arrested Parents Trying to Stop Muslims from Raping their Children

We’re still only seeing the tip of the iceberg in the horrifying crimes committed by Muslim settlers against the children of the UK.


Israel's Iron Dome shoots down 15 Hamas rockets

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Former AP Jerusalem Editor Reveals Hamas Coverup and Anti-Israel Bias

Matti Friedman, a former AP editor at the Jerusalem bureau, has one of the more in depth and insightful looks at media bias on Israel from the inside…


JDL to Protest Toronto Hamas Fundraiser

JOIN with the JDL: Demonstrate against the Fundraiser For Hamas...

"Palestine Emergency Fundraising Dinner" sponsored by Islamic Relief Canada

Friday, August 29, 2014 at 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Versailles Convention Centre
6721 Edwards Blvd.
Mississauga, Ontario.
L5T 2V9

Here are the facts about Islamic Relief:

On June 10, 2014 the Government of Israel listed Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) as an organization that gives funding to Hamas, and banned them from operating in Israel.

The office of the IRW in Canada is Islamic Relief Canada. The head of the Canadian charity, according to the Canada Revenue Agency website, is Hany al-Banna, the same individual who is head of the UK based charity.


UK: Ministers lose vital link to mosques as pressure alienates Muslim group

Anjem Choudary, right, in central London last year calling for Egypt to be ruled by an extremist ideology Guy Corbishley

A Muslim group set up after the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London has cut its ties with the government during a dispute with the Home Office, amid signs on a wider level of a souring of relationships between Muslim organisations and ministers.

The Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (Minab) was founded with ministers’ backing in 2006 to create core standards and promote good governance in mosques and Islamic centres. The group has now stopped receiving public money after refusing to bow to government pressure to sever links with certain groups.

The killing of the US journalist James Foley, apparently at the hands of a British citizen, has led to fresh calls for mosques and faith groups to counter extremist ideology.

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Hamas's "Victory"

"What is sad is that the Gazans have not yet been able to free themselves from the yoke of Hamas.

The world seems not to understand that Hamas, like ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, does not exist in a vacuum. It is one cog in the radical Islamist wheel that threatens the Arab and Muslim world and the major cities of Europe.

The Western world also seems not to understand that it has to incapacitate or totally neutralize the countries funding terrorism, such as Iran, Qatar and Turkey, for whom the Palestinian problem is only a pretext on the way to destroying the Western world as we know it and replacing it with only Islam."

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, none of these states are allies. We should allow them to be consumed in the very fire they they have funded throughout the world. Hit ISIS with massive retaliation when they attack the Kurds or the few remaining Christian and ethnic minority enclaves. But do not hinder their march on Baghdad, and hope that Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar et al are one day in their sites. 

Let Islam devour itself,  whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.


Teen terror threat: ‘Dangerous sons’ of Islamic refugees involved in Merrylands stabbing

With a combination of teenage bravado, US crime culture swagger and ­extreme Islamic ideology, the “Fourtwozero (420)” gang is Hezbollah meets Hollywood.

Nearly a dozen sons of refugees who fled war-torn countries such as Afghanistan have embraced the violent culture of their homeland through a modern silver-screen lens to roam Parramatta’s streets as “soldiers”.

The number 420 is a ­nationally recognised “bad” number in Afghanistan, used to describe someone who is dangerous and dishonest.


Obama clueless on Muslim radicals

President Barack Obama found time between golf rounds Thursday to condemn the beheading of American journalist James Foley by the Islamic State — also known as the Islamic State in the Levant or ISIL — and to assure the American people that he was all about protecting them against similar fates.

Unfortunately, aside from the President’s welcome condolences to the Foley family, the rest of his remarks amounted to serial misrepresentations about this latest act of terrorist violence at the hands of Shariah-adherent jihadists.

Such conduct can only assure that more of us will die at their hands...


The enemies of our enemies

Shortly before 9/11 Pim Fortuyn wrote in his column in Elsevier: ‘Islam plays a prominent part in nearly all conflicts in the world, be it a civil war or a war between two or more countries.’


Islam 2nd-Worst Thing That's Happened to Humanity

Residents of Tabqa city and Islamic State militants tour the streets in celebration after Islamic State militants took over Tabqa air base in northeast Syria Sunday. (Reuters/Stringer)

The nation watched in horror last week as ISIS terrorists beheaded an American Christian journalist, videotaping the gruesome killing as an open threat to the world that ISIS intends to establish a Muslim caliphate that will hold absolute rule.

As many Western politicians and religious leaders continue to perpetrate the propaganda that Islam is a religion of peace, noted culture expert and author Alex McFarland says that not only is Islam not a peaceful religion but it is also the second-worst thing to happen to humanity, behind the fall of mankind.

“Kids are taught in schools today that Islam is one of the three great Abrahamic faiths, alongside Christianity and Judaism,” McFarland said, “but for the past 1,400 years, Islam has perpetrated terror across the globe, with the goal not of peace but of dominance and the eradication or enslavement of all who disagree.

“In 732, Muslim forces invaded Europe, and only because the Franks stood up to them and turned them back did Islam not infiltrate Europe. In the 16th century during the Ottoman-Habsburg Wars, the Islamic Ottomans again set their sights on the West—not to bring peace but to bring absolute Islamic rule. And only because Christians stood up militarily to the Ottomans were they defeated.

“Last century, Islamic Turks, the successors to the Ottoman Empire, unleashed unbridled genocide against the Armenian people, slaughtering more than a million before they were stopped.

“And today, in our post-9/11 world, this supposed religion of peace is boasting of beheading an American as it tells non-Muslims throughout Iraq ‘Convert, pay a fine or die’ ”...


Zara pulls plug on 'Holocaust shirt' for kids

The navy-and-white striped "sheriff shirt" features a six-pointed gold star, which is supposed to signify the badge worn by sheriffs in the United States.

However, the Turkish-made garment for children bears "a striking resemblance" to a concentration camp uniform replete with the Star of David sign used by Nazis to identify Jewish prisoners in their Second World War camps, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Made in "Turkey" huh?


Not lying about r̶a̶d̶i̶c̶a̶l̶ Islam

What a honeymoon period violent Islamists have had. From 2001 to now, the agenda has pretty much gotten a free ride in public sentiment.

Year after year, the tally grows. One website,, compiles Islamic-inspired terror attacks, as reported by news outlets. As of this writing, the post 9/11 count is 23,703 deadly attacks.

It’s taken the beheading of James Foley for polite society to realize that, nope, those of us who cried foul all this time weren’t making it up.


Force sex education on all schools, says Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat

All state schools, including primaries, will be forced to teach sex education under Liberal Democrat plans to be announced today.

Nick Clegg’s Schools Minister David Laws will commit the party to introducing sex education for all children aged seven and over to help them become ‘good citizens’.

The move, backed by Labour but opposed by the Conservatives, would force thousands of schools to increase the amount of sex education on offer.

Most state comprehensives already offer sex education as part of the national curriculum.

But thousands of academies, free and faith schools are not required to teach the national curriculum, meaning they are free to drop the subject...


Islamic State turns radical Islam on Syria Muslims

Militant Islamist fighters take part in a military parade along the streets of northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014. Credit: Reuters

(Reuters) - As Islamic State militants advanced in the Syrian province of Deir al-Zor last month, those who had held out against them faced a simple choice: beg for mercy or face certain death.

Their options were laid out in stark religious terms by the militant Islamists who are trying to carve out their own state in Syria and Iraq. Defeated fighters were required to "atone" or die, a choice set out in Islamic terms and implying that resisting Islamic State rule amounted to a sin against God.

"I surrendered my weapons," said a rebel fighter who capitulated to Islamic State on July 2 and has been living in fear for his life ever since. He still believes Islamic State could execute him at any moment. "Everyone is subject to this. Everyone is afraid," he said, speaking via internet link.

In cementing its control over the oil-producing province of Deir al-Zor, Islamic State has unleashed one of its bloodiest waves of repression to date, employing mass executions, threats and house demolitions as the attention of Western states has focused on rolling back the group in neighboring Iraq.

While some have been granted a pardon on Islamic State's terms that require complete allegiance, others have been shown no mercy. One tribe in particular has been singled out for persecution.

Hundreds of members of the Sheitaat clan have been executed after their tribe refused to submit to Islamic State. The entire tribe have been deemed "hostile apostates" by the group, an offshoot of al Qaeda that has declared a "caliphate" in the territory it holds...


UK: ‘I didn’t want to appear racist’ is the ‘I was only obeying orders’ of our age

Up to 1,400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham. Children as young as 11 were trafficked, beaten, and raped by large numbers of men between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, a review into child protection has revealed.

How could this have happened? A clue is given by the report’s authors, who state that ‘several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist’.

‘I didn’t want to appear racist’ is truly the ‘I was only obeying orders’ of our time.

Racism has become so hysterical a subject that it has crowded out all other moral concerns, including in this case the concern to look after children. (One doesn’t often get the chance to praise one’s own profession — so it is worth pointing out that, if it weren’t for some courageous reporting, notably in The Times, the full scale of the Rotherham scandal may never have been widely known)...


Turkey: Davutoğlu sets out with ‘restoration program’

Turkey’s outgoing Foreign Minister and incoming Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu arrives at the Prime Ministry for a Cabinet meeting in Ankara on Aug 25. AFP Photo / Adem Altan

PM-designate Davutoğlu heralds a ‘restoration’ in his planned government to repair '90 years of damage' to the Turkish Republic

Ahmet Davutoğlu, the sole candidate for the ruling party congress today and likely next prime minister, is set to chart a course of “restoration” in the government’s new program, according a source close to the PM-designate.

“The era of great restoration” was what Davutoğlu spelled out after being nominated as the candidate by President-elect Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Aug. 21. However, the term does not refer to restoring the Ottoman Empire, the Davutoğlu aide stressed to daily Hürriyet.

The struggle against the movement of U.S.-based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, also dubbed by the government and Erdoğan as the “parallel structure,” is another concept to be included in the government program.

Davutoğlu and his team carried out two studies over the weekend on the eve of the convention in Ankara, with one of them focusing on his inauguration and the other group revising the government’s program...

* * *
Certainly that (English) word “restoration” sounds vaguely ominous. An op-ed by Gülse Birse in the same paper notes:
You should be afraid of the word “restoration” in Turkey.

Because for us, the word “restoration” means repairing a historical building, we tend to have a negative view as the results end up being awful.


Details emerge of IS killing of 670 Shiite prisoners in Mosul

GENEVA (AP) — Islamic State fighters reportedly killed up to 670 prisoners in Mosul and committed other horrific abuses in Iraq that amount to crimes against humanity, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said Monday.

The UN’s top human rights official said “grave, horrific human rights violations are being committed daily” by the Islamic State group and other fighters allied with it in an aggressive push to gain a firm grip on the northern and eastern provinces.

The group’s violations as it expands the boundaries of its self-proclaimed caliphate along the Syria-Iraq border include targeted killings, forced conversions, abductions, trafficking, slavery, sexual abuse, destruction of places of religious and cultural significance, and besieging entire communities for ethnic, religious or sectarian reasons, Pillay said...


Libya branded a ‘hotbed of terrorism’ after airstrikes

A damaged aircraft is pictured after shelling at Tripoli International Airport August 24, 2014. REUTERS/Aimen Elsahli

The United Arab Emirates sought to justify its bombing of Islamist militias in Libya on Tuesday, with leading voices in the Gulf nation branding Libya a “hotbed of terrorism.”

Both the UAE and Egypt have been accused by Washington of being behind a series of air raids in the past week on Libya’s Islamist militias, some of whom have connections to al-Qaeda.

So far neither country has admitted carrying out the raids, but on Tuesday, an Emirati official fell conspicuously short of denying responsibility, telling the AFP news agency that the country had “no reaction” to the US claims.

At the same time, a prominent UAE newspaper, al-Khaleej, which is often regarded as a government mouthpiece, carried an editorial describing Libya as a “hotbed for terrorism... endangering not only itself but neighbouring and regional countries.”

It also urged Arab governments to form a new coalition to take “prompt and effective action” against the revitalised jihadist movements that have emerged in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, including the al-Qaeda linked Ansar al-Sharia, which has a strong presence in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi...

See also “allies and enemies” from Al-Arabiya and this opinion piece from FrontPage, which notes:
Obama’s response to all this has followed his usual pattern of dithering and indecision. But it is even worse than that. The Obama administration appears to be trying to impede Egypt and the United Arab Emirates from proceeding on their own to protect their countries from the rising tide of jihad across the Middle East, including right on Egypt’s doorstep in neighboring Libya.


Biggest earthquake yet hits Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano

A magnitude 5.7 earthquake hit Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano overnight, the biggest since tremors began 10 days ago

Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano has been hit by the strongest earthquake since tremors began over a week ago, raising fears that another ash cloud disaster may become reality.

The earthquake reached a magnitude of 5.7, potentially leading Iceland to yet again bring the warning code to red level.

Airlines around the world remain on high alert as the magnitude of the quakes increase, but local geologists say they have yet to see signs of an eruption...


The Spectre of Veszprem

The city of Veszprem, Hungary was only briefly haunted by this mysterious spectre.

On the morning of August 11, its monstrous form hovered in the mist above municipal buildings near the town center.

A clue to its true identity is offered by the photographer, though, who reports he took the picture from the top of a twenty story building with the rising Sun directly at his back.

That special geometry suggests this is an example of an atmospheric phenomenon called the Glory or sometimes "the Spectre of the Brocken".

Also seen from mountain tops and airplanes when looking opposite the Sun, the dramatic apparition is the observer's shadow on clouds or fog, the small droplets of water scattering light back towards the Sun through complex internal reflections.

 Careful night sky watchers can also encounter this spectre's analog in astronomy, a brightening of zodiacal light opposite the Sun known as the gegenschein.


Obama Plans On Attacking ISIL

I have no problem believing Obama will act without Congress (it's not like he hasn't done it before). I just don't believe he is going to take a hardline against the people he once wanted to arm:

What do Syrian President Bashar Assad and the U.S. Congress have in common? President Obama is unlikely to ask either for a formal green light to expand the American air war against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) from Iraq into Syria.

White House aides underline that the debate remains academic for now because the president has yet to decide whether he will order strikes on the brutal Islamist movement’s strongholds in Syria.

“We have not speculated about what sort of authority would be required from Congress if the president were to make a decision to authorize the use of military force in Syria,” Obama spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters aboard Air Force One on Tuesday.

But Earnest noted that Obama does not think he needs congressional approval for the airstrikes he launched on ISIL forces in Iraq on Aug. 7 or for the return of ground troops there to protect American personnel.


Not sure what this means: Pakistani Taliban commanders form new splinter group

“There was infighting. There had been no coordination and organization. Lack of trust was another serious problem that forced us to launch our own group.” says Ehsanullah Ehsan. Photo: AFP

ISLAMABAD: Senior leaders of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have launched a splinter group over their “frustration at internal fighting, lack of coordination and mistrust among the leaders,” a leader of the new group said on Tuesday.

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaatul Ahrar is the second group formed after a powerful faction of the Mehsud faction of TTP parted ways with the group few months ago.

“We have formed a new group,” former TTP spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan, who has also joined the new group, told The Express Tribune by the phone from an undisclosed location.

Explaining the reasons behind the formation of the new group, Ehsan said, “There was infighting. There had been no coordination and organisation. Lack of trust was another serious problem that forced us to launch our own group.”
Referring to the Afghan Taliban, the spokesperson said, “Our group will work on the pattern of Afghanistan’s Islamic Emirate”...

* * *
It was “infighting” that created the Islamic State.


And yet his mom says he's not cool :-( Tuesday night music!

Says BCF regular Tom Forsythe: "My current band doesn't have any vids yet, but I wrote this song and played everything except drums and some of the guitars. Also did backing vox."


Good news: American convert to Islam -- a ‘rapper’ -- killed in Syria

American-born Douglas McAuthur McCain, who became radicalized after chatting to jihadists online, was allegedly killed over the weekend fighting for ISIS in Syria

An American man was reportedly killed over the weekend fighting for the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) in Syria, NBC News reports.

The Free Syrian Army found the body of 33-year-old Douglas McAuthur McCain after a fight with ISIS, with $800 cash in his pocket and an American passport.

U.S. officials and family members further confirmed the basketball lover and rapper's death.

The San Diego native appears to have crossed into Syria a few months ago, according to posts on his personal Twitter.

Friends and family have now started posting on his Facebook, expressing condolences to his wife and daughter.

McCain was born in southern California in January 1981, but eventually moved with his family to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota where he attended Robbinsdale Cooper High School in New Hope and played on the basketball team.

Old friends at the mostly-white school described McCain as a carefree teen who wasn't very religious. [...]
According to his Twitter, he converted to Islam around 2004 and his online posts become much more fervent...


Hollywood condemns Muhammad

Nearly 200 people from the entertainment industry (including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others) have signed a statement condemning the seventh article of the charter of Hamas as an "ideology of hatred and genocide." The statement reads:

"...while we stand firm in our commitment to peace and justice, we must also stand firm against ideologies of hatred and genocide which are reflected in Hamas’ charter, Article 7 of which reads, “There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!” The son of a Hamas founder has also commented about the true nature of Hamas."

Interestingly, the quotation from article seven was taken directly from Muhammad himself. Hence, all of these entertainers have condemned Muhammad, Islam, and the Quran.


Evening photo: Northern lights, Norway

The northern lights above the Lyngen Alps. Photo by Tor-Ivar Næss (@waitforitphoto)


Exposing The New York Times’ top man in Gaza

New York Times readers have reason to wonder how Jerusalem Bureau Chief Jodi Rudoren, its primary Gaza war reporter, has gained access to the Palestinian civilians whose tragic plight she has so incessantly recorded. Ms. Rudoren has acknowledged that she cannot speak Arabic, which inevitably raises questions about her access to the sources she cites.

The answers are entwined in the identity of the Times’ primary Gaza journalist, who only recently shared a by-line. Until then he was invariably described as having “contributed reporting” from Gaza. He is Fares Akram, described by Rudoren as “brave, committed, talented . . . indefatigable.” He may be all of these, but there is more to his story, and to Times coverage, than that. Indeed, living in north Gaza City, Akram’s life among Gazans, within the framework of his own family history in Gaza, have decisively molded – and distorted – Times coverage...


James Taranto: Don't See Evil

“Is ISIS evil?” asks James Dawes, director of the Program in Human Rights at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, in a op-ed. His answer: “Yes, ISIS is evil and must be stopped.”

Thus concludes today’s installment of Shortest Op-Eds Ever Written.

Just kidding. The op-ed actually runs 700 words. It’s titled “Should We Call ISIS ‘Evil’?” and Dawes argues that we shouldn’t--even though he himself does in the course of the piece.

“There is only one good reason to denounce a group as evil,” Dawes claims: “because you plan to injure them, and calling them evil makes it psychologically easier to do so.” If that is true, it would seem to apply here, at least to American public officials’ about ISIS.

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US movement against police racism ‘just getting started’

People gather for a "National Day of Rage" protest against the police fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, outside the White House in Washington August 21, 2014. (Reuters)

Following a large protest in Washington against police racism and impunity in the U.S. on Saturday, teleSUR talked to Kenny Nero, one of the protest's organizers.

“Saturday’s march was specifically aimed at demanding the arrest of Officer Darren Wilson,” said Nero, a member of the National Black United Front, and the Black Youth Project 100.

“We also demanded the demilitarization of the police and the institutionalization of citizen review boards of the police, with the right to hire and fire. Our aim was to raise awarenesss of these issues, and to shut down a heavily commercialized district, and we did just that,” he stated.
“The idea was planned just five days before the march, and it went extraordinarily well. The power structures really pay attention when money is affected. We shut down several major intersections in busy Chinatown,” Nero told teleSUR.

“The challenge now is to maintain the momentum and make this a movement, not a moment”...


NYT gets ‘storm of protest’ after saying Michael Brown was ‘no angel’

NYT “Public editor” explains:

Two words — “no angel” — have become a flash point for many of the difficult, contentious, entrenched issues that have arisen in Ferguson, Mo. On Twitter, in my email queue and across the Internet, many Times readers are angry and disappointed about the use of those words, which have become yet another Ferguson-related hashtag.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: That choice of words was a regrettable mistake. In saying that the 18-year-old Michael Brown was “no angel” in the fifth paragraph of Monday’s front-page profile, The Times seems to suggest that this was, altogether, a bad kid.

Some people take their protests further; they say that The Times is suggesting a truly repellent idea — that Mr. Brown deserved to die because he acted like many a normal teenager.

I talked on Monday with both the article’s author, John Eligon, and the national editor, Alison Mitchell, who has been heading the Times coverage of Mr. Brown’s death earlier this month and its aftermath; the young black man was fatally shot by a white police officer, Darren Wilson.

Mr. Eligon told me in a phone conversation that he proposed the idea of a profile of Mr. Brown — an in-depth article that would give readers insight into his life.

“We wanted to tell the story of who he was, the deeper story,” Mr. Eligon said. Most of all, he had in mind telling the story of a young man who “despite his challenges and obstacles, was someone who was making it.” Mr. Brown had graduated from high school on time and was planning to attend college.

As a 31-year-old black man himself, Mr. Eligon told me, he is attentive to many of the issues in the Ferguson case. During his time covering the Midwest for The Times, he has experienced apparent racial profiling — “I’ve had the cops called on me twice for looking suspicious” — and while covering courts in Manhattan, he once was told to sit down and wait for his lawyer to arrive.

Mr. Eligon’s piece last week describing the mood in Ferguson was one of several in which he brought that awareness to his reporting.

“I understand the concerns, and I get it,” Mr. Eligon said. He agreed that “no angel” was not a good choice of words and explained that they were meant to play off the opening anecdote of the article in which Mr. Brown saw an angelic vision. That anecdote “is about as positive as you can get,” Mr. Eligon said, and noted that a better way to segue into the rest of the article might have been to use a phrase like “wasn’t perfect.”

“Hindsight is 20/20. I wish I would have changed that,” he said.

In general, he said, the profile was a “full, mostly positive picture” of the young man.

Ms. Mitchell told me that “the story basically says he’s human.”

“If you read the full profile, it’s a sensitive, nuanced account of this young man,” she said. “There was certainly no hint that this poor young man should have been shot.” (I agree with Ms. Mitchell on this point).

And, she said, “I would invite people to read all of the coverage we’ve done” in Ferguson, rather than to cherry-pick one phrase from one story.

I’ve found the coverage to be tuned in to racial concerns and generally well-reported. (I found one article last week to be far too vague in describing its sourcing.)

There is other language in the article that some readers are objecting to — in particular, the references to Mr. Brown’s interest in rap music with its sometimes provocative lyrics. Mr. Eligon said he pressed his editors to make changes on parts of the article that dealt with rap. “Rapping is just rapping. It’s not indicative of someone’s character,” he told me.

While Mr. Eligon’s Twitter feed is full of criticism of the “no angel” language and other claims of blaming the victim, he told me that he is hearing another point of view in his email. “I’m hearing things like ‘you’re defending this thug,’ ” he told me.

He said he thought it was important to address parts of Mr. Brown’s background that are less positive, especially because doing so allowed those close to him to comment.

For example, Mr. Eligon quotes Mr. Brown’s mother talking about photographs in which her son appeared with friends who may have been gang members: “He wasn’t in a gang. He just knew how to adapt to his surroundings. Michael was so cool that he could just get along with anybody.”

In my view, the timing of the article (on the day of Mr. Brown’s funeral) was not ideal. Its pairing with a profile of Mr. Wilson seemed to inappropriately equate the two people. And “no angel” was a blunder.

In general, though, I found Mr. Eligon’s reporting to be solid and thorough. I came away from the profile with a deeper sense of who Michael Brown was, and an even greater sense of sorrow at the circumstances of his death.
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Qatar seeks to free more U.S. hostages in Syria: source

American writer Peter Theo Curtis is shown in this undated family handout photo provided by his cousin Viva Hardigg to Reuters on August 25, 2014. Al Qaeda-linked militants in Syria on Sunday freed Curtis, missing since 2012, following what officials said were efforts by the Gulf Arab state of Qatar to win his release.

(Reuters) - Qatar is working to help free four Americans held hostage in Syria by various armed groups, a Gulf source familiar with the matter said on Monday, a day after the Gulf Arab state's diplomacy helped free a journalist held since 2012.

The source declined to name the four or provide details, and Reuters could not independently verify the assertion, but his account was broadly supported by other sources.

The reported initiative by Qatar coincides with an effort by the tiny state to rebut accusations by some of its Arab neighbors and Western politicians that it supports the most anti-Western militant armed groups in Iraq and Syria. Those allegations followed months of criticism by human rights groups over its treatment of Asian guest workers and charges – denied by Doha – of corruption in its successful bid to host the 2022 World Cup.

The wealthy country, which does back some rebel factions fighting to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has mediated the release of foreign and Syrian captives on several occasions in the course of Syria’s three-year-old civil war...

* * *
One can imagine it: sponsor Qatar talks tough with ISIS. No more beheadings or we shut off the money tap.

One can also only hope Qatar still has any influence on ISIS after all the oil fields it has already seized.


University of Illinois officials defend revoking offer to anti-Israel scholar

Martin Kramer’s take on it:

From The Times of Israel:
Officials from the University of Illinois publicly defended their decision to revoke a job offer to a scholar who had harshly criticized Israel on Twitter.

Chancellor Phyllis Wise issued a statement on Friday explaining why the university had decided not to move forward with the hiring of Steven Salaita. On the same day, the president and board combined on a separate statement. Wise wrote in an open letter to the university that the university would not tolerate “personal and disrespectful words or actions that demean and abuse either viewpoints themselves or those who express them.” The president and board in their statement backed Wise’s decision, echoing her arguments.

Neither of the statements cited any specific behavior by Salaita.


Shocker! Hamas reports terrorist’s death as a civilian casualty

The media focuses on Gazan casualties but relies on reports provided by Hamas.

Now the terror group has been caught in the act, reporting the death of a terrorist as a civilian...


Douglas McAuthur McCain Aspiring Rapper just getting his life together killed fighting for ISIS

Glad he's dead, says blogger
An American man was reportedly killed over the weekend fighting for the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) in Syria, NBC News reports.

The Free Syrian Army found the body of 33-year-old Douglas McAuthur McCain after a fight with ISIS, with $800 cash in his pocket and an American passport.


Foley video with Briton was staged, experts say

The Briton might be a frontman and not the killer of James Foley Reuters TV

The video of a British jihadist beheading an American hostage was probably staged, with the actual murder taking place off-camera, according to forensic analysis.

Footage of James Foley’s death at the hands of a man with a London accent provided a powerful propaganda tool for Islamic State — formerly Isis — when it was uploaded on to the internet and broadcast around the world last week.

Now it has emerged that the Briton might be a frontman and not the killer. His identity has almost certainly been established by the security services, but they have yet to act for fear of endangering the lives of 20 western hostages still being held.

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Money, Status and Maureen Taylor

Above: My mother was left profoundly paralyzed by a medical error in a St. Catharines, Ontario, hospital. Unlike Maureen Taylor, she doesn’t suffer from too much privilege.

Dear readers: I feel I’m at risk of losing some of you because I write about this topic so frequently, so I’m going to keep this brief and suggest you watch the three minute video below. In it I throw out a challenge to Maureen Taylor, the widow of Dr. Donald Low. I’d like to have a medical-legal expert examine her husband’s and my mother’s medical records to determine who got better treatment. I’m doing this because I believe the information will be revealing. As long as levels of care are so variable in this country, introducing physician assisted suicide, a procedure Taylor is pushing for, is too risky. This is a risk Taylor cannot possibly appreciate since it’s unlikely she will ever be treated badly in our system. Her husband’s reputation and her own background as a journalist guarantee this.


1,400 girls were abused by sex gangs because social workers and police feared being called Islamophobic

At least 1,400 girls were left to be abused by Asian men Muslims because the authorities were too scared to admit there was a race issue, a report said yesterday.

Over a 16-year period, children as young as 11 were sexually exploited by gangs of men – most of them of Pakistani origin.

But police and council officials suppressed evidence of the crimes because they feared being labelled racist.


California: Man with TB sought under quarantine order has been released back into public

Eduardo Rosas Cruz

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY (CBS13) – A homeless man infected with Tuberculosis has been released back into the public in San Joaquin County.

Eduardo Rosas Cruz, 26, first came on health officials’ radar in March, after he was diagnosed with a severe and contagious strain of TB. According to the court complaint, Cruz he did not comply with treatment, resulting in a quarantine order.

Cruz was released from custody on Friday after he was not assigned a public defender, according to San Joaquin County Asst. Deputy District Attorney Stephen Taylor.

Taylor says the district attorney’s office is in contact with the county health department who may or may not know Cruz’s location. We reached out to the department for a comment, but have not yet received a response...


Another Canadian jihadist for ISIS


How Al Sharpton became Obama’s go-to man on race

A few days after 18-year-old Mike Brown was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri, White House officials enlisted an unusual source for on-the-ground intelligence amid the chaos and tear gas: the Rev. Al Sharpton, a fiery activist who became a household name by provoking rather than pacifying.

Sharpton—once such a pariah that Clinton administration officials rushed through their ribbon-cuttings in Harlem for fear he’d show up and force them to, gasp, shake his hand—arrived on the scene 72 hours after the shooting at the request of Brown’s grandfather, who had admired his advocacy on behalf of the family of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

But if the old Al Sharpton would have parachuted into Ferguson to rile up the masses, the Obama-era Al Sharpton trod a more gingerly path to justice. Over the years, the 59-year-old former Brooklyn protest leader turned MSNBC talk-show host has embraced a new identity, one that reflects his evolution from agitator to insider with all that implies. In Ferguson, Sharpton established himself as a de facto contact and conduit for a jittery White House seeking to negotiate a middle ground between meddling and disengagement.

“There’s a trust factor with The Rev from the Oval Office on down,” a White House official familiar with their dealings told me. “He gets it, and he’s got credibility in the community that nobody else has got. There’s really no one else out there who does what he does”...


A tragedy that doesn't cry for an inquiry

A public inquiry is a useful tool when there are big public questions to be answered that need the power of a judge - the power to subpoena recalcitrant witnesses, the power to cross-examine witnesses under oath, the power to challenge a branch of government.

None of which applies to the tragedy of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada.

There is no secret conspiracy at work.


With truce, Israel talks to Hamas and Islamic Jihad

The cease-fire agreement doesn’t give Hamas any victory photos or immediate gains. Though Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shalah and Hamas representative Izzat al-Rishq both heaped praise yesterday on the Palestinians’ heroism and their ability to stand fast against the Israeli army, Shalah listed the war’s achievements as “keeping the Palestinian problem from being forgotten,” “thwarting the Zionist enemy’s initiatives” and “destroying his deterrent capabilities.”

It’s hard to find any significant differences between the current agreement and Egypt’s original proposal, unless there’s a secret annex that hasn’t been published. Opening Gaza’s border crossings, allowing humanitarian aid and construction materials to enter and expanding the coastal fishing zone to six miles were already agreed on a month ago. There’s no commitment yet to building a port and airport in Gaza, and even opening the Gaza-Egypt border crossing at Rafah was left to separate talks between the Palestinians and the Egyptians. At this stage, the agreement largely replicates the understandings reached after the last Gaza operation in 2012. Thus ostensibly, Israel can say it achieved its goals: quiet in exchange for quiet and destroying the tunnels.


USA: DHS saw no option but to free 169 illegals convicted of murder

The Obama administration says it had no choice but to release almost all of the 169 immigrants with homicide convictions that were let back onto the streets last year, claiming court decisions gave officials no choice in the matter — but it’s promising a new system to better screen who gets let out.

Of the 169 immigrants with homicide-related convictions released in fiscal year 2013, all but 15 were required to be let go because of specific court orders or because the immigrants had been held for too long under the rules established by a sweeping 2001 Supreme Court case, the Homeland Security Department said in an Aug. 15 letter to Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican...


Saudi Arabia fed up with visa over-stayers, not to mention ISIS terrorists: Hajj Ministry proposes law to limit Umrah visas to 15 days

The minister and directors of Umrah companies met to discuss all the services to be extended to the pilgrims to make their hajj comfortable. (Shutterstock)

Umrah pilgrims will only be able to stay in the Kingdom for a maximum 15 days, according to new rules proposed by the Hajj Ministry.

Under these new rules, the service-providing companies were advised against bringing in large batches of Umrah pilgrims at any one time, especially during Ramadan.

The ministry also asked them to inform it of any change in accommodation arrangements for their pilgrims...

* * *
I am no fan of the Saudis but I can certainly see their motives: get those pilgrims in and out as quickly as possible, please!  Less time for terror plots, which just might be on this year’s agenda for ISIS.

Pilgrim season begins in December this year.


Fly past of Triton, largest moon of Neptune

What would it look like to fly past Triton, the largest moon of planet Neptune? Only one spacecraft has ever done this -- and now, for the first time, images of this dramatic encounter have been gathered into a movie. On 1989 August 25, the Voyager 2 spacecraft shot through the Neptune system with cameras blazing. Triton is slightly smaller than Earth's Moon but has ice volcanoes and a surface rich in frozen nitrogen. The first sequence in the video shows Voyager's approach to Triton, which, despite its unusual green tint, appears in approximately true color. The mysterious terrain seen under the spacecraft soon changed from light to dark, with the terminator of night soon crossing underneath. After closest approach, Voyager pivoted to see the departing moon, now visible as a diminishing crescent. Next July, assuming all goes well, the robotic New Horizons spacecraft will make a similar flight past Pluto, an orb of similar size to Triton.

Today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.  Lots more links in above text at the link


Why Celebrity Apartheid Week Matters

Does one need a spoiled, ill-informed celebrity's opinion on the oilsands?

The next Leonardo DiCaprio film coming to a screen near you may not be a grand Hollywood epic or independent film, but a documentary about the Alberta oilsands and the environmental future of the nearby First Nations communities.

DiCaprio was reportedly researching such a film during a visit to northern Alberta over the weekend, lending his celebrity status to the ongoing war over Alberta’s oilsands development.

For better or worse, it seems to have become de rigueur for Hollywood stars to target Alberta's tar sands in their environmental tilts, bringing with them the attention their names afford, but also any energy-burning skeletons they may have hidden in their closest. ...

Tim Moen, leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada and a vocal opponent of Hollywood's role in demonizing Alberta's oilsands, says celebrity talk is cheap.

"I look at actions more than words. In what way is DiCaprio living the values he espouses?" Moen wrote in an email to Yahoo Canada News. "The people I take seriously are people who actually create solutions. People that find ways to get cheap clean energy into the hands of people who want it."
According to reports, DiCaprio was joined on his Alberta tour by "Black Swan" director Darren Aronofsky, who may be working on a documentary with DiCaprio.

But DiCaprio already has his name, and voice, pegged to the anti-oilsands battle. A documentary series recently released by Green World Rising is narrated by the 'Titanic' star. The first episode, titled "Carbon," touts the need for a carbon tax in America.

Will Leo being paying this class warfare tax?


Jihad Watch: Anti-Semitic thugs rough up Jewish couple in NY City, drive off flying ‘Palestinian‘ flags

Islamic Jew-hatred is becoming increasingly open, increasingly violent, and increasingly common.

What will Mayor de Blasio do?

Convene a task force to combat “Islamophobia”?

* * *
Sounds about right to me. The political correctness shows no signs of abating. Not that I have noticed anyway.


Celebrations in Gaza After A Ceasefire Takes Effect

How long will this last?

 A ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Palestinians aimed at ending their seven-week conflict in Gaza went into effect on Tuesday and joyous Palestinians streamed into the streets of the battered enclave to celebrate.

No clear victor emerged from what had become a war of attrition between the Middle East's most powerful armed forces and the dominant Hamas militant movement in the Gaza Strip.

(Sidebar: Hamas got its @$$ kicked- again.)

Exacting a heavy toll in Palestinian lives and property, Israel said it dealt a strong blow to Hamas, killing several of its military leaders and destroying the group's cross-border infiltration tunnels.

But Israel also faced persistent rocket fire for nearly two months that caused an exodus from some border communities and became part of daily life in its commercial heartland.

Minutes before the Egyptian-brokered truce began at 1200 ET, a rocket fired by Palestinian militants killed one person in an Israeli kibbutz, or collective farm, near the Gaza frontier, police said.

Palestinian and Egyptian officials said the deal called for an indefinite halt to hostilities, the immediate opening of Gaza's blockaded crossings with Israel and Egypt and a widening of the territory's fishing zone in the Mediterranean.


UN Report: Nearly Two Thousand Would-Be Migrants Drown

Nearly 2,000 people fleeing Africa and the Middle East have drowned in the Mediterranean this year, most of them in the past three months as they tried to reach Europe from Libya, the United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday.

"In all, we believe that 1,889 people have perished this year while making such journeys, 1,600 of them since the start of June," UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming told a news briefing.

Tragedies I'm sure the UN will personally put an end to.


Putin and Poroshenko Meet

The presidents of Russia and Ukraine met late Tuesday for their first bilateral talks at a much-anticipated summit in Minsk, which many voiced hopes may help bring an end to fighting between Kyiv's forces and pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko met in the Belarusian capital, the first such meeting between the countries' heads of state since Ukraine's pro-Russian ex-president was ousted from power in February, according to the Twitter account of the Ukrainian presidential administration. The meeting, which had not been previously announced by either side, was also confirmed by Kremlin.

The talks came as Ukraine said it had captured 10 Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine and shelling spread to a new front in the country's southeast. Kyiv and many Western countries have repeatedly accused Russia of providing arms and expertise to the rebels in east Ukraine, a charge Russia has denied.

While it is still unclear if the two leaders will find common ground and pave a way for peace in east Ukraine, the face-to-face meeting was a remarkable breakthrough for both sides.

I am not optimistic.


A News Team Is Distracted By the Incredible Hulk

It's understandable:

Last week, WGN-TV sent a news helicopter to capture footage of flooded streets and backyards in Chicago.

The SkyCam9 found plenty of water damage — and then it spotted the Incredible Hulk.
A large green statue towered over a fenced-in yard, distracting the Chicago news team back at the station.

"Is that a Hulk there in the backyard? I'm sorry. I'm just getting distracted by this video," a female newscaster said on-air.

"Can't make this up," a male co-anchor added.

biografia do incrível Hulk
Hulk smash. Footage at 5.


No Charges Against Intruder in Trudeau Break-in

Is that so?

A man who entered Justin Trudeau's Ottawa home earlier this month made a drunken mistake and won't be charged, police said Tuesday.

The Ottawa Police Service said they are satisfied that the intoxicated 19-year-old wandered into the wrong house unintentionally, believing he was at a friend's home.

"He had no idea who the residents were," said Staff Sgt. Kal Ghadban. "This was not a targeted home.

"He didn't realize it and we believe he did not know whose house it was until Friday."

Ghadban played down the fact that the young man left a note near a collection of knives, saying that — for a fleeting moment — the man considered stealing the cutlery along with an electronic device that police refused to identify.

"There was a momentary thought process that before he left he would actually take some items with him, which was very short-lived," said Ghadban.

"He immediately decided against that."

Police said nothing was removed from the house.

As for the note and a suggestion contained in it that the family should lock their doors at night, police said while it appeared on the surface to be threatening, it was instead an act of remorse from the man over entering the house.

Trudeau was out of town when the incident happened, but his wife and children were asleep upstairs.

This does not pass the smell test.



Another casualty of the acronym ‘ISIS’: Florida condo development now to be called ‘3 Thirty Three’

A South Florida condo development that shared its name with terrorist organization Isis has changed its name. Isis Downtown is a major development being built in West Palm Beach.

However, ISIS is also one of the names for the murderous al-Qaida splinter group behind the recent beheading of American journalist James Foley.

It stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant and was formed in April 2013 under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The Palm Beach Post reports the new building is now being called 3 Thirty Three Downtown.

The developers haven’t commented on the change. Tim Harris, the past president of the Realtor Association of the Palm Beaches, said the prior name had become “scarily negative”...


Mosque fires in Germany trigger concerns of Islamophobia

ISTANBUL — A Turkish delegation comprised of officials from Turkish Parliament’s Human Rights Committee and head of Turks Abroad and Related Communities directorate of the Turkish Prime Ministry started a two-day visit to Germany yesterday to inquire about the extent of attacks and suspicion of arson.

Their first visit was to Berlin’s Mevlana Mosque. A fire broke out in a part of the mosque that was being redecorated on August 11. The cause of the blaze is not yet known but German officials said they found traces of a flammable liquid at the scene, pointing to arson.

Located in Kreuzberg, a district of Berlin dubbed as “Little Istanbul” due to its large population of Turks - approximately 40,000 people - the mosque was partially open for prayers as reconstruction was underway on the 40-yearold structure.

One day before the attack in Berlin, the Süleymaniye Mosque in the German town of Bielefeld was set on fire by suspects who burned Qurans in the mosque.

In February, the Central Mosque in Cologne, one of the largest mosques in Germany, was subject to attacks. Suspects crashed a car into the door of the mosque and attempted to set the mosque on fire...

* * *
Ever wonder how all those Turks ended up in Germany? Fluffy multikulti? Nope. Cheap foreign workers--not intended to be permanent but you know how it goes.

Now the Turks are sending delegations to make sure Germany nails the mosque arsonists--can’t trust the German police.   “Little Istanbul” might as well be declared Turkish territory and be done with it.


Bloodbath at CNN, HLN: Axing of 550 jobs ‘imminent’

Today’s news of a coming bloodbath at CNN and HLN is a reminder that while CNN has been able to use the unrest in Ferguson to race-bait its way to better ratings, everyone knows that’s temporary.

Without something that allows the left-wing network to appeal to the lowest common denominator, CNN is almost certain to fall back into the ratings basement until something else comes along for the network to cynically exploit.

So here come the layoffs and buyouts...

* * *
CNN has hyped the Ferguson story shamelessly.  I have not a grain of sympathy for them.


Canada: Fake environmentalists refuse to ask basic questions about mass immigration

City of Brampton, Toronto. Immigration = more urban sprawl, traffic grid-lock, noise, pollution. higher property taxes and auto insurance rates, etc.

Canada, along with Australia, takes in more immigrants per capita than any other Western country. In 1990, Brian Mulroney’s Progressive Conservative government began to take in about 250,000 immigrants each year, regardless of economic conditions. This policy was continued by his successors, both Liberals and Conservatives.

According to Statistics Canada, in 2011 Canada had a total of about 6,775,800 foreign-born individuals who arrived as immigrants. They represented 20.6% of the total population. Among the G8 countries, Canada had the highest proportion of foreign-born population (20.6%), well above the shares in Germany (13.0% in 2010) and the United States (12.9% in 2010).

This dramatic, relentless increase in immigrants has had major impacts on our cities, on our society, and on our environment...


Ancient Muslim burial ground: Oh, come on. Stephen King much?

Sigh. "Jerusalem Beer Festival upsets Islamists"

h/t Moonbattery


Liberian doctor who received rare Ebola drug ZMapp dies

(Reuters) - A Liberian doctor who treated victims of an Ebola epidemic and then contracted the disease himself has died even though he was given the experimental drug ZMapp, Liberia's information minister said on Monday.

Abraham Borbor's death could curb optimism about the drug that mounted last week when two U.S. aid workers who caught Ebola in Liberia were declared free of the virus after receiving the same treatment at a hospital in the United States.

People in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are desperate for a cure for the contagious hemorrhagic fever that has killed at least 1,427 people since March in the deadliest outbreak the world has seen.

But Mapp Biopharmaceutical says it will take time to replenish its exhausted stocks of ZMapp and scientists say it is too early to confirm the value of the medication that has been tested on laboratory animals but not previously on humans...


Now here is something different: a blue lobster

A Maine lobsterman reeled in a one in a million catch when when he trapped an extremely rare blue lobster.

Jay LaPlante of the Miss Meghan’s Lobster Catch company told reporters he caught the unique crustacean about 10:45 a.m. Saturday roughly 10 miles from Portland...


Der Spiegel piles on over Michael Brown: ‘We’re like animals to them’: an American city’s daily racism

Suitable ominous photo for illustrating their words of wisdom, caption: “Police in Ferguson, Missouri, charge at demonstrators after being hit by water bottles during a protest against the shooting of an unarmed black teen, Michael Brown, on August 20”

The slaying of an 18-year-old African-American man in Ferguson, Missouri, shows that racism and racial profiling remain a serious everyday problem in some parts of America. Some worry things will never change.

As they pull up to the place where Michael Brown was killed, shot six times by a policeman, they sink to the ground and stare at a cross bearing his name.

“I don’t get it,” says Jurmael, 22. He and Tyler, 21, live in the neighborhood. Like Brown, they are African Americans and are close to his age. “I do get one thing though,” Tyler says. “The name on the cross could just as well be one of ours.”

Michael Brown was stopped on Canfield Drive by a white officer for the same reason that people are stopped everyday by the police. Roberts and Greer even have a name for the “offence” -- a common one in Ferguson, Missouri: “WWB,” “Walking while black.” Every black person living in Ferguson knows the meaning of the abbreviation because it is a constant part of their lives.

Keep reading if you can stand it...

* * *
The MSM is a total disgrace. I have rarely felt this angry at them.


Episcopal chaplain at Yale: Jews are to blame for anti-Semitism for not making peace with genocidal enemy

NY Slimes of course. Say, where's this Jewish media conspiracy I keep hearing about?

Via Instapundit


A US jihadi serial killer?

Ali Muhammad Brown

For two bloody months, an armed jihadist serial killer ran loose across the country.

At least four innocent men died this spring and summer as acts of “vengeance” on behalf of aggrieved Muslims, the self-confessed murderer has proclaimed. Heard about this horror? Probably not.

The usual suspects who decry hate crimes and gun violence haven’t uttered a peep. Why? Like O.J.’s glove: If the narrative don’t fit, you must acquit.

The admitted killer will be cast as just another “lone wolf” whose familiar grievances and bloodthirsty Islamic invocations mean nothing.

Enough with the whitewashing. Meet Ali Muhammad Brown. His homicidal terror spree took him from coast to coast.

The 29-year-old career thug admitted to killing Leroy Henderson in Seattle in April; Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young in Seattle on June 1; and college student Brendan Tevlin, 19, in Essex County, NJ, on June 25.
While he was on the run, he disguised himself in a Muslim keffiyeh. He carried a notebook with jihadist scribblings and advice on evading detection...

h/t GR


What's Up With The USS Cowpens?

One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong...
(Left to right) Capt. Gregory Gombert, commanding officer of USS Cowpens, Lt. Cmdr. Destiny Savage, Cowpens executive officer, Cowpens' Command Master Chief Gabriel Keeton, and Manila American Cemetery superintendent, Master Chief Larry Adkison
There, 'fixed it for ya!
The Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser in happier times. Happier because Lt.Cmdr. Destiny Savage was likely performing a deep therapeutic massage (with a happy ending) on the skipper at the exact time this publicity still was taken.
How else would a girl with a mere "public policy degree" find herself a chief engineer?
Because this story just keeps getting more and more salacious.

Now clear your mind of impure thoughts and click here!


Pro tip, people: don't go off to do humanitarian work in Syria

Especially if you're a woman. They hate women. Especially Western women. What about that don't you get?

We either get to wire ISIS $6.6 million for this chick, send in a special ops team to try to rescue her (at great risk to their lives), or see her beheading video on Twitter. I'm sure she meant well. Great. Wouldn't it have been better if she'd stayed home?


US lays groundwork for Syria strike

An Islamic State militant announces taking of Tabqa air base Sunday. Reuters (Looks like IS has given their vehicles an official paint job!)

The Pentagon is preparing to send surveillance aircraft, including drones, into Syrian airspace to gather intelligence on Islamist targets, laying the groundwork for a possible expansion of the limited U.S. military air campaign beyond Iraq, senior U.S. officials said.

The decision amounts to an acknowledgment that U.S. intelligence-collection efforts must be expanded to provide a better picture of the threat posed by the group calling itself the Islamic State, which holds large swaths of Syrian and Iraqi territory. It is also one of the first tangible signs that the Obama administration may be preparing for military operations in Syria against the group, which is also known as ISIS.

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